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Looking to start learning python, what good books are there?

Most python book seem to be aimed at non-programmers / beginners, but with a grasp of the basic fundamentals of C++ and programming in general, I think a different sort of book would be more appropriate.

Are they any good books for this situation, or am I getting ahead of myself?
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I just grabbed the manual that comes with the reference implementation and skimmed the tutorial. Then I basically went "uh-huh, so that's the if, that's the for, functions are like this, I handle errors like that, and I import modules like so". If you already know how to program, there's nothing particularly interesting about the language, besides maybe the dynamic type system.
Usually the sites of the developers that made the language is the best material you will ever find.
IIRC, the Python installation bundles tons of documentation.
If that's not good enough, what exactly are you looking for?
The Python documentation is pretty easy to start with. That was how I learned it.
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