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I am looking for an MD5 header file, even though I know this algorithm is now hackable. I have got some code to encrypt. Now I want code to decrypt.
I also want it in a header file, or any other file, so that I can add it to a project I'm on.

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Forgive me for misunderstanding, but isn't MD5 a hashing algorithm? As in, no encrypt/decrypt?
L B is right, MD5 is a one-way hashing algorithm. Once the algorithm is applied, there's no way to get the original data without either having it already or guessing it correctly.
If it was possible to get the original data back, you wouldn't know it as "MD5, the hashing algorithm". You'd know it as "MD5, the oh my god I just compressed 5 million petabytes into 128 bits".
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I misunderstood that.

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Back again. Does that mean that these programmes that claim to be able to "hack" the 128-bit code to its normal state are fake?

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Conceptually, it's very simply to crack any hash or encryption key. There's not much to it except to guess every possible input string until one gives you the correct output. The problem is how long it takes. It depends on a number of factors, including how powerful the hardware is, how efficient the algorithm and software is and, most importantly, how large the key is. Depending on those factors, it could take anything from a matter of nanoseconds to the lifetime of the universe.

Another thing which can be either a hindrance or a help to the cracker depending on the nature of the data is the existence of collisions, which is when more than one input produces the same hash.

Also, there are flaws in many hashing algorithms and MD5 is one of them, so it's no longer considered secure. Exploiting those flaws can drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to crack a hash.
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Thank you v.much!

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