Profile details/commenting on artciles

Apologies if this has been discussed before (I did do a quick search, but ended up with a list of people profiles!)

Might it be of benefit if people could indicate their experience level on their profile in someway? (approximately, and optionally, of course). Sometimes I am unsure how to answer a question as I have no idea of who I'm writing to. On at least one occasion, I've inadvertently patronized an experienced coder. And probably gone the other way, too. And maybe even an (optional, again) age field. Mainly for younger members. (This is after someone has a go at a younger member not so long ago.)

On a semi-related matter, is the only way to comment on an article the forums? It could be quite useful if comments and question could be added to the foot of an article. Or at least links provided to the associated forum threads.

I see this primarily as a learning/self-improvement site. So correctness is important, in all it's variations. As is discussion of the different possibilities, good and bad.

I've just spotted one article that has a few shortcomings, but it's got 3 stars! How to deal with it depends on the experience of the writer, to join my two points together.

I have to admit, that the downside of all the information on the web, and in this forum, is lesrning how to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly!


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As far as the profile stuff goes, there are fields for all of that data. For instance experience can be summed up in the "Bio" section of your personal information and your birthdate is a field available under statistical data.

At one point the articles section did allow you to post comments attached to other peoples articles, it was actually just a part of the forum. When the star system was put in though that ability was taken away.
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