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you guys have been really helpful, i feel bad that i cant give much back yet..any ideas?

ive asked the most questons in the past few days but i havnt really been able to help anyone on the grounds of being a massive beginner...first tme i havent got an answer straight away im beginning to think i have asked too much of you guys...

it really is amazing how someone can help someone else learn even though its all just noughts and ones and i want you all to know that me and other beginners appreciate it..maybie if we teach others well there wont be glitches on our life support machines when were really old...

thank you :)
Don't worry about it, ask as many questions as you'd like. That's what this forum is for. We don't really expect anything in return besides a thank you. The time will come when you're experienced enough to start answering questions for people.

One thing you could do for learning purposes, though, is whenever you see a question that doesn't sound too hard but something you don't know, just go and research that question and get an answer for that person. This will let you learn about stuff that you might not ordinarily learn about.
Hey don't feel for this. It is just a small issue. In forum you can ask number of questions and it is not necessary to give reply to others. As you are a beginner you cannot give reply slowly you can learn and you will be able to give answers.

"No one born intelligent"

If you don't have any idea about particular question then search in Google and get an idea and then start replying. In this way you can gain more knowledge!!
i have only recently really started helping people dont worry about what i did was just troll the forum and help where i could and asked questions on posts where i didnt understand what was going on
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Just because you're a beginner, it doesn't stop you from answering questions posted by other beginners. If someone posts a question regarding a subject (polymorphism, data-structures, dynamic memory allocation) you know well then go ahead and answer it. If someone corrects you, take the correct information and use it in the future -- don't feel bad if someone corrects you.

If you see an interesting topic, read the replies. Posts by experienced users are a goldmine for information. Sometimes, you may encounter information rarely given which could improve how you think about something in general. For instance, let's say someone posted a question in regards to references; let's assume they wanted to know how much memory they allocated. A simple reply would be "It's implementation-defined". But why? An experienced user would state why it's implementation-defined and why being implementation-defined influences the memory usage of a reference.

Finally, if you see a piece of information that you've read in a reply which you don't understand, send the user a PM and ask (don't demand information) them to clarify the information.

I joined this forum as a C++ beginner, I answered a lot of questions and wrongly at that, but every now and then you give the right answer and it feels great, before you answer a question do as much research on it as you can, try the code in your IDE, experiment and fix it, and if you think you have a solution then post it.
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You can give back by continuing to ask questions, keep learning, and when you see one that you really know the answer to, jump in. The attrition rate is high and we need people to swell the ranks of questions-answerers. Remember albatross? Exactly :p
Keep asking questions and trying to answer questions -- if you come across some post that you yourself don't understand, subscribe to it so you will be able to learn from the answer as well.

As many have already said -- one day you will be able to answer many questions as well.
Usually a simple "cheers" and marking as solved will suffice. :-)

Absolutely no reason to feel bad about not giving back; people answer questions out of their own choice. It's not completely altruistic (at least not in my case) as it helps us cement knowledge as we answer too.
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