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What I am going to write here might force you to say "wow! this man is weird!!", but I am in a total dilemma and I really need a piece of advice for my self from all the coders out there who have made coding their total aim.

It was about one month ago, I started competitive coding seriously by studying data structures and algorithms. Before I had started, I already knew that coding is my only interest but as soon as I started studying it deeply, I found that I really can be a very good coder. I started doing problems on online judges( like codechef and all), and I was able to solve them pretty quickly and well.

Having realised my potential, I got to know that I don't have confidence problem in this field.Neither I have a less iq or something. The only problem that disturbs me is I am not able to give it proper time. I know that to be a very good coder, it needs a lot of study and practice, but what happens with me is:

I sit for two hours, study coding(or code) with full dedication then, I take a break of straight 3 hrs then come back, study for 1.5 hrs , take a break of 4hrs , come back, study for 1 hr, take a break of 5-6 hrs..and at night.. I am not able to code/study coz I sit on computer ans start sleeping.

This problem is taking me away from my aim, and I fear I may lose in the end due to not confidence, not less iq, not good coding but because of giving less time to coding.

Another thing is ..I easily get addicted to fun things. like, I brought Big Bang Theory series from sme1..nd I hv got adicted. I cant study bcoz I want to see more and more episodes of it. My love for coding fails in front of these.

Could any1 plz help .. I will be very grateful :'(
I would also like the codersto discuss about how do they do their coding. Plz.. take me seriously guys.. u may end up doing something good to a coder.
and I am online here for the whole night to discuss my problem with coders..
I am desperate and mad to find its solution and will get it tonight!!!
I don't spend a lot of time studying because I only look things up as I need them. I spend a lot of time coding because I am passionate about it. If you find yourself spending less time maybe you are not very passionate/interested in what you are actually doing?
ohh... could u tell me what is ur routine to code.. i mean how often do u take breaks..and do u give time to ur hobbies or something.. ??
Take breaks when you feel hopelessly stuck or fatigued or just bored. Sometimes walking around for a bit can free up your mind and help you find solutions. Also, too much of anything is a bad thing; if you code for 18 hours straight, you will get bored with it and want to do something else for a long time. Unless you're in an actual class with tests and stuff, I would not suggest any "real" studying. Just design and write programs, continually making more and more complex programs, so that you become good at it. If you don't know something, look it up. This is how I learned to program.

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okay i got it...thnx guys .. my problem is kind of solved
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