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is the c++ programming lang worth buying

ive learned c++ from never fear c++ is here. But i know it left a few things out and just did the main stuff. Is bjarne's book worth buying? and if so should i buy the 3rd edition or wait for the 4th edition?
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Yes, his books are definitely worth buying; the later versions are normally the better ones. The C++ Programming Language is an excellent book along with the special edition.

If you can borrow the 3rd edition of the book, it would probably be worth waiting.

lol i would have already borrowed the book if i could but im in a small town where ppl barly know what a program exactly is lol
Bro, this website and a lot of others are a cesspool of knowledge. Why don't you open up your favorite IDE and just start coding? Lmao.
Cesspool? Wouldn't that imply that the "knowledge" was, well, human waste?
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