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ever broke your mind trying to fix a percieved problem in the wrong place, have story

basically i just spent the last two days trying to fix something that wasnt the problem, i was trying to suss out how i was supposed to pass a members constructor definition through a reference to a function, when i had just written the function wrong, i wondered why c++ had got so complicated, when i fixed it i was reminded of a story a software engineer told me,

he was called by some woman to fix a word processor that kept adding spaces between letters when she typed, he scanned for viruses, still had a problem he backed everything up and reinstalled the software nothing, he changed the key board, the woman who asked for his help still got spaces when she typed, he got desperate installed a different program, he even considered changing the monitor 'it couldnt physically be anything else'

cos this was a little while ago and it was in Devon and theres still plenty of misogyny an office junior commented on her boobs, right infront of them both; "tzer luverley great big tits mashin on the keyboard" and lo, it was, the engineer guy said hed been there for four hours and didnt once notice this ladies boobs.

so i guess the most important part of problem solving is narrowing down the cause,
do you know a similar story?
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Well, it's not often that I, or anyone else for that matter, encounter problems with code that were caused by their or someone else's puppies.

A similar thread was created a while back and I posted a story, which is along the lines of:

"I had a program that had been pre-built [my program]. During testing, I had encountered a few bugs within my code. So I went back and fiddled with my code. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why the changes had no effect. For hours, I re-compiled my program multiple times, executed the program from command prompt and from the IDE; nothing worked. A few hours later, I checked the project options. I looked at the directory [where the program was to be built] and it was set to a different directory from what I initially thought, which means the executables I was executing were out-of-date -- I felt like a twat."

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