A New Member From China

A New Member From China

Hello, dear friends!

Can join cplusplus.com, I feel very happy!

I have just registered, Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a China boy, 19 years old, through the Internet to come here, I have two hobbies: love programming, love life. "Seeking truth, Seeking practical" is my motto.

In programming technology, I am a rookie, only write a little Python and C Language, now, I want to study hard for C Plus Plus.

My English is not very well, so some grammar mistakes or expression not accurate maybe happen in myself often, when happened, please tell me, I will immediately correct, thanks.

Study English also in my plans, I hope I can learn English well and we become friends.

I'll try my best! Thank you!

My Blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/mr-wid/
E-mail: mrwid555@hotmail.com


In Chinese:

亲爱的朋友们, 你们好!


我刚刚注册, 请允许我做下自我介绍。

我是一个来自中国的男孩, 今年19岁, 通过互联网来到这里, 我有两个爱好: 爱编程, 爱生活。"求真、务实"是我的座右铭。

在编程技术上, 我是一个菜鸟(初学者), 仅仅能写一点Python和C语言, 但现在, 想努力学习C++。

我的英语不是很好, 所以会可能会经常出现一些语法错误或者表达不准确的地方, 当这些错误出现时, 请告诉我, 我会立即改正, 十分谢谢.

学习英语同样在我的计划之中, 我希望能够学好英语并且能够和大家成为朋友。

我会尽我最大的努力! 谢谢!

我的博客: http://www.cnblogs.com/mr-wid/
E-mail: mrwid555@hotmail.com
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edit: Ya know, I never had much interest in learning to speak Chinese until very recently. It's a very interesting sounding language.
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my mate spent two years studying economics there, this is an ale drinking brute of a farm boy, loved beiging, hes gonna move back i must say i am intrigued, hello new member :) your english will improve with chatting dont be afraid to ask language questions here, clear communication matters to these people :P

and dont use my english as an example, its not so good either apparently (and i speak the original original english (and original original original english if you want to hear devonian Gaelic))
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