Fun fact: when I tried to compile for debug, the compiler ran out of heap space.
What in the world... Is that all just one template? Why on earth would you ever need a type so long and ugly?
It's boost::bimap.
Well yeah, but is that all one template? It's the whole page!
For the hate of ads, please use (just press ctrl+v to upload from clipboard) or at least provide a direct link...

And lol, that's quite a template. Does your liker give you warnings about symbol truncation? Microsoft's linker would just keel over and die; you get truncation warnings from four-level-deep templates.
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ModShop: Oh, I thought you were asking why *I* had written something like that.
Yes, IIRC it's all one type.

L B: Sorry, I have AdBlock turned on all the time, so I have no idea whether a given site has ads or not, or what they look like.
And no, I think it worked just fine. I'm not sure because I realized I could make do with a simple map without having to resort to that abomination of a container.
I have adblock too, but the site is still annoying, and I had other people in mind; specifically those without adblock.
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