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what i always thought were hackers are actually crackers, so what do hackers do then

you know that film hackers when Angelina Jolie was so much more of a babe? it was called 'hackers' but they were crackers weren't they? and what is it that hackers do? the internet says theyre just better than average software/hardware engineers.

so programmers and techies then? this doesn't make any sense to me, what is it actual hackers are famous for doing that programmers are not?

and if hackers are programmers who program for the mere joy then at what point do you stop becoming a student and start becoming a hacker.

LOL the internet also said it was a massive faux pas to use bad spelling around them...explains a lot.

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Different people understand this differently. Have you read this?
both really really interesting articles, something mentioned i have just started to notice, how the english language seems different within just the first twenty hours of programming
what is it that hackers do?

They hack.

what is a hack?

In broad terms; it is feeding your appetite for learning how thing are and finding ways to change them to how you want then to be.
hrmm wonder what hacking the human body would be.
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One example could be Neuro Linguistic Programming perhaps?
let me know if anyone makes any headway with neuro linguistics
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I always thought hackers were just magicians that can make a computer do anything just by plugging in a usb. Just saying I find it silly you are using a movie as a basis for something. I've seen everything from spilling soda on a keyboard causing the monitor to flicker to being able to slow down a video recording so you can see in between two frames. I think there are a lot of story writer's that think of electronics as magic boxes and don't take the time to learn how they work to write a solid story.
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Don't forget script kiddies, which make up 90% of the "cracker" world.
It used to feel like nails on a chalkboard whenever some kid said their facebook got hacked. Somewhere along the way I stopped caring. It's better this way.

Also more rage fuel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=O2rGTXHvPCQ
Ah yea someone leaves their Facebook open on their computer and someone gets on and does...

Derp McHerpenson "Hacked lololol! <3 boo bear"


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