Been a while

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Hey all you people. I feel like I have been gone forever. I don't have an Internet connection at home anymore so I am finding myself rarely ever using it anymore! Weird...

How is everyone?

As for me, the sex change is going great, school is kicking my ass, and I'm moving soon.

Here is a link to my newest project, it is a simple irc-like server and client.
Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
ircc.cpp is the client the rest are the server

p.s. great jokes in the recent threads, I got a good laugh from those :)
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Welcome back. If you don't mind my asking (and I'm guessing you don't, since you mentioned it in the first place), sex change? Why, and to/from which gender?

As for the IRC client/server, mediafire doesn't seem to be letting me access it (I thought it might be NoScript or flashblock but it doesn't work even when I disable them). Why don't you post it on GitHub or Sourceforge?
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MTF, and because I was miserable for the first 28 years of my life, now I'm happy :) It's sometimes hard to explain, I guess imagine an awkward situation you've had, then imagine feeling that way everyday, 24/7, that was I felt pre-change.

The above link works for me, even on this computer at school. Maybe try it again? BTW, i posted a pic in there.

Also, we went to the ACM programming competition, I solved one problem! But so did a lot of other teams. Next time, hopefully, we'll do better. It was soooo much fun though.

And now I'm finally learning a new language... Fortran!!!
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It just doesn't load or do anything when I try to open or download the folder. And I suppose the important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body now.
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