Random Question - Where do you live?

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Just wondering where some of you guys live. As I notice a lot of the reply's are pretty late at night. Not that that's a bad thing. I just stay up late programming a lot.

Anyway I'm from Australia :)
Europe, the Netherlands. It's 5 pm here now :)
Currently, San Francisco, CA.
Richardson/Houston texas
South Florida
IOW, England
Gloucester - UK
Arizona - United States
Florida - US
Missouri - United States
Well we got a couple of US people haha. No more Aussies so far :D
Florida - US
New Hampshire
hello ,china ,currect time 22:53
I was hoping people would say narrow it down to which village, town or city.

Australia, China ?
Well we could do that:
Australia | Victoria | Melbourne

Xi'an PRC
they should just make it mandatory in an sticky to post this shit lol
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Personal Information should not be regarded too lightly. I'm not saying that some stalker will show up at your door but better safe than sorry. ( I guess they can zero in on an I.P. address anyway if they want to )


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"Good luck! I'm behind 7 proxies!"

*Eye roll*
1. You haven't used your real name (probably).
2. Cities and countries are big.
3. In the words of Ben Croshaw, posting is like trowing a message in a bottle into a churning sea of messages in bottles.
4. You're likely not to know anyone with a reason to stalk you. Look at the ego on you!

Besides, phone books are much more practical than breaking into web servers and looking at logs.
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