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My Raspberry PI is coming (5weeks!!!!) im gonna use it to suss out c++ networking, how are you gonna eat your PI

i might also buy a 3.5" screen and make a mobile lith poly power supply so to make my future muggers day,has anyone invented ' programing on hoof' yet?

whats your plan, i want to know what you are doing with your PI?

have you seen the pi supercomputer?


i know that hackers use these because i have seen it on the tellybox (what does it do?)

I love that its a PI no ones gonna get bored of that
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Why didn't you just answer my thread?! I'm going to go be offended now.... jk :p
Wow 5 weeks!! where did you order yours??

I want to try and use them as MAMEs.
whats a mame

@modshop i diiiiid, i want to know everyone elses plan...so i have mor ideas and can learn big new words like MAMEs the helliza MAME when its not eating tofu?
well now two PI threads are up there, i should have just commented on yours but i didnt see it, well the more PI talk the better, because guess what... no PI
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I ordered mine today hopefully won't be too long.

MAME is Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

:D wow you gonna make a wooden frame and little plastic joystick and get airbrushing images n the side.

i ordered mine from ... rs but farnell is faster!! 5 weeks is too long
Mine's coming tomorrow!! I'm super excited, I'm going to buy a mini screen and a mini keyboard and program in c++ on the go!!
damn you and your easy PI acquisition avlargrath! mine had better hurry.
Buahaha, the 5 week inquisition before acquisition: Where the fresh golden fetch is my pie? They rescheduled the supposed date 3 times! But hopefully all will be worth it *sighs happily*

I'm ready to make some intense AVR OpenGL games!!
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