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You can download some RAM here:
Anyone know where I can download more pagefile?
see they are all sarcastic. and there is nothing wrong with my logic. lb and i were arguing on a diffrent thread so i, obviuosly wrong and apologized for attacking him, assumed he was trolling me because if you didnt see the oop joke thats what it would be
@Aramill who and/or what are you responding to?
it might be a diffrent lb but i was arguing with one. i cant find the thread though
No insult, but why don't you just use smileys when making a joke?
That is even easier than downloading RAM or sarcasm ;)
Ha is an actual website :O
It's ranked green by my AVs and siteadvisor, but what does it do?
Nothing, although I've never actually tried downloading any. Who knows, it might actually work.
It is free, worth a try? Might try it in my sandbox
Woah, it worked! I now have 9 GB of RAM!
Confirmed, I now have 16 GB of RAM. What an amazing website!
Sarcasm, or does it just expand your pagefile/do some ramdisk-style magic?

EDIT: Or are you downloading just some randomized RAM to your hard drives and not actually expanding your useable RAM? :p
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I love websites like those. I was surprised when I Googled "download ram" (a few weeks ago) and found several sites. The one I tried just had a fake load bar and admitted to being a joke at the end.
@L B
No, it doesn't do anything, it's just a progress bar.
Ah. That reminds me, there was this site I used to go on and it has ads (this was when I was a kid and used IE6 and was completely ignorant) and one of the ads would open up My Computer and show a progress bar on the C drive. It always scared me so bad that I just turned off the computer by the back switch asap. They eventually removed that ad from their ad providers when I reported it, but it still haunts me to this day that there was such a security vulnerability and that it could show the actual My Computer window and draw a progress bar over the C drive.

Now I use Chrome with AdBlock Plus (the official one) and I don't go to new sites without checking site advisor first and making my security settings stricter. I rely on MacAfee and Avast (installed by parents) for the rest, plus common sense.
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