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Is it bad that I know more about the structure of the US government than I do about my own?

@Grey Wolf, Duoas
Alright, I was wrong then.
well corns americas biggest export, and corn syrup is sooooo bad for you, did you know corn syrup is constantly in a permanent state of not being legal/legal, lawyers have realised the only way they can put it in food is to use a loop hole, because it isnt food officially and why is it not food officialy cannot digest it and it poisons your liver

its the reason why americans are so often so fat, the government poisened them for the sake of the economy, the question your not asking yourself is whats the point of having an economy if the cattle/people/\mericans arent benefiting from it?

well if the americans benefited from americas economy thats socialism aint it
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So if someone gets mad cow disease or something bad happens to them based on some bad food produced, (possibly knowingly), by company x then that person or group or whatever is fear mongered into not speaking out. Sounds suspect and stupid. The shocking thing is I am not even surprised. Guess I am getting immune to the ever "greyining" line of freedom.
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the government poisened them for the sake of the economy

Wow this thread took a nosedive. Deaths from from supermarket food (at least in the last five years) in USA all happened when corporations ditched FDA (long story how) and hired "third-party inspectors". That's why I prefer Costco, with its zero-tolerance microbial infection policy to Walmart who allows 49%.
@Cubbi how do you think they make sure there is no bacteria? Do you think they don't spray chemicals and other things? Do we know how these chemicals affects us? Versus do we know how these bacteria affect us?
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L B wrote:
Do we know how these chemicals affects us

Short-term: yes, long-term: usually no.
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