ARP poisoning

So I've been doing some playing around (don't worry, it's all harmless) with ARP on my machine, and did some reading on ARP poisoning. I've been trying to change the MAC address destination of my default gateway to a bogus address in the hopes it would shut down my network access (as it should), but everytime I try my ARP table keeps getting a dynamic entry for the correct mapping, and uses that one even though I have a static entry set with a bogus address. This seems to kind of defeat ARP poisoning if it knows which is legit and which isn't. Thoughts?
I don't know much about it, but my guess is that it's just some software that is designed to protect against ARP poisoning that you'll probably have to work around (like all security software, all it will take is 20 seconds of hitting random keys on the keyboard if Hollywood is to be believed).
Ha I used to think how Hollywood portrayed hacking (cracking) was accurate. I was so naive -_-
Oh no! He's using an encrypted firewall!
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check out hack5, you can use Cain & Abel to do some ARP poisoning.
how far away are you guys from being able to make cain and able type programs yourselves? i downloaded it once when i was 16 (thats 12 years ago! i cant believe its still running), i messed around with it i cracked my own passwords, but really it was sooo complicated, its the sort of thing that i lose sleep over stil wondering what all the bits and bells did.

if cracker/hacker type culture looks down on script kiddies cos they didnt know how to make their own programs how far down would they look on a kid who didnt know what he was doing?

i dont want to break into anyones personal computer thats a bit weird thats like sneaking into someones house just to look at their stuff (easier too, guess i could be 'elite' too cos im a good locksmith :/) but i would love to log onto a server and talk to the daemon and know what i was doing from their.
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