need abit of advice here

so i got this great idea for a robot but need someone to figure out how to get a robot to have a dictinary in it to send a text back in a device that helps it communicate an to follow by a signal anyone want to try it also i'd like advice about this here to any input will be helpful and this would kind of like a built in comlink like star wars stuff/ CB radio
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Normally I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I have no idea what you are saying.
building something here and want to know if this can be done really CB radio like signal for the robot to follow so it doesn't wonder off unsuspectingly when you turn around
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It can be done, and probably has been done somewhere (They actually have some really advance robotics now days) but the questions is do you have enough money to build it?
no but i'd be glad to build it by my self if i have to do it
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