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solving a system of non-linear equations


I have a little mathematical question here.
Suppose we have two matrices A and B (both of the dimension N x N). Now we want to check whether or not another matrix P (permutation matrix) exists, so that
P*A*(P^T) = B

Does anyone have a good algorithm (with detailed explanation)?
I checked wikipedia, but I don't quite understand which algorithm is
appropriate here... First time I'm dealing with such a problem.

And I cant use any lib (like GSL), because I'd like to use the algorithm
with parallel processing (A and B might get large 10000 x 10000 and more).

Any advice for a good algorithm would be great.

Thanks in advance
Though you should start with checking traces of A and B (they should be equal). Note, P^T = P^-1 for a permutation matrix.

Also, I suggest that in the future you use http://math.stackexchange.com/ for that sort of questions.
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Thanks hamsterman.

Maybe I should check the English version of Wikipedia more often. Much more informative
than the German one...

And thanks for the site. Next math question will go there ;-)
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