coding xor socializing

say you had to choose;

your feeling a bit of a coding buzz, you've got into something you like and its giving satisfying results, HOWEVER;

Your best buddies throwing a party, there will be a few more girls than boys a good live band(they still exist?), home brew spirits a few other substances if you cared to look a swimming pool (its warm)and plenty of food.

your also likely to get lucky but you will lose your coding buzz.
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Again, eating into the stereotype and why make another shitty thread when you still have the other one that's basically the same thing ? Sounds like some shitty high school party where everyone's probably under aged for both booze and getting laid.
yeah i wanted to make it appeal to our american cousins, should i kill this one?
"die die die"

but i like the way you changed "or" to "xor".

PS: the die comment was a joke.
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"Doing X activity xor Y activity" or logically "(X || Y) & ~(X & Y)"

X and Y are independent of each other, the above is unsound. There's no reason one can't partake in any number of activities.
What you are doing now is not called socializing, so go write some code. (a xor b implies that one of them is true).
i wanted to re-ask the last question as xor but some of the conversation had been used up, without some of the stereo typical pub chat...guess i am socializing and coding right now :/
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