Android token files

I have an HTC Inspire 4g. On the micro sd card there are token files. Is there a way to read these or does anyone know what they are?

Any help would be appreciated.

That info is great-thanks. Is it possible to read these so I know what I am deleting? I tried using java,but I'm no computer expert.
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Sure it's possible if you happen to know the format of it, but I have a feeling it's going to be useless information to you even if you do manage to find that out. It seems like it's safe to delete.
Try opening it with a hex editor. That will at least show you if it's a text file or not, and if not it might contain text which a hex editor will display. If you want, you could use my hexview program which you can find in the Articles section in the Source Code category :)
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I'll try that-thanks.
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