Good BASIC Tutorials?

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Im starting BASIC and was wondering whether there are any good tutorials for beginners. I know its a bit odd that im starting this after learning C++ (the harder language) but I just wanted to mix it up. Preferably, I would like a tutorial about console applications first.

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Honestly, I'd pick up C# instead. You can do really the same thing, they both use the .NET framework, but C# is something that's actually used.
Oh. So what would Visual BASIC be used for anyway if it is 'not used anymore'

But, I will consider that.
AFAIK, it never really took off. It's used academically, and in a few places in the world (I actually one of my local hospitals has something that runs off it). But picking up C# will be magnitudes more worth while. VS has a designer for C# just like they do in VB so you can make GUI apps just as easily in it.

I could very well be wrong...
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Actually, Ill learn c#. This may help me progress quicker in my journey of programming.

Anyway, thanks for replying!
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No problem, I'm currently in the process of picking up C# as well!
Well. Just started... and I cant find a good forum like this one! Do you know any?
I'm pretty sure VB is actually used quite a lot by code monkey types, but C# is much, much better. Both run on the .Net platform, so if you can run VB programs you can run C# programs too.
VB.NET is still widely used. BASIC on the other hand, not so much.
I have heard actually heard somewhere that devs tend to use VB.NET to make up some quick tools to help in development, but not so much for production grade software.
True, which lends to VB being worth learning if some devs use it to make tools (especially if you plan to help make tools). Last I knew there was even game programming implementations of VB, but I honestly have never bothered learning a language outside of C++ and now I'm starting to regret having such a narrow view on programming. I feel it has ultimately hurt me more than help me. Which is why I planned to learn some more and started with Python, but finding myself lost in learning it as I can't find a really good tutorial for that either. The tutorial for it on the python page says it only covers a few features and isn't a in-depth tutorial for it.
But anymore when C# can be used to do the same, in arguably a better manner, why even bother with VB.NET?
Lots of people start talking about C# and use the term '.NET'. Forgive me if this is basic knowledge that I should know but, what is this? I know its the platform for c#... (well at least thats what I think)
Microsoft's languages now use a common backing framework called .NET. This includes C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and a bunch of others. It allows code written in one language to be used in another.
Ok. I've decided to start c# and I cannot find any good websites. They all keep showing code and then explain what the program does. Why don't they just say what the individual words do??? For example: What the hec does 'System' do, and what about 'Console'? From my perspective, C# soesn't seem like a very popular language to learn as opposed to C++.

MSDN is your friend. Has several tutorials to get you started, and has great documentation. Keep in mind that you won't find tutorials for everything. The world expects you to be able to read documentation.
BTW, I prefer Purebasic ( for programming small tools that have to be done really fast and simple. IMO Visual Basic (tm) derivates are too bloated.
Thanks! Also, what does IMO mean? Is it some sort of abbreviation? I see it a lot round here.
In My Opinion.
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