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Does anyone know some good books I can read when my c++ book gets a bit dry. I don't want suggestions on books that just learns c++ for beginners, but something I can read at the same time as my c++ for beginners book. Books that are not related to c++ or programming is also appreciated as suggestions. Only criteria is that it is either funny or a book that you can't but down.

The reason I ask this question here is because I know all of us have atleast some of the same things in common(programming and c++).

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Pick up an algorithms book.
I have looked through a bunch of algorithm books on amazon. There is a very large collection to choose from, but there is a catch. It is either specific to a language or overly complicated, or both.. :P
I don't want a 1000 page book. Just a good beginner book.

Any other books you would recommend? A bit more specific than just an algorithms book, have you read one you liked?
Well the author is going to have to express the algorithm in code form at some point, which means they'll likely choose a language to do that. But it doesn't matter, the algorithm will be explained in detail in plain writing before any code is even shown (ideally). I'd urge you to try and write it on your own without looking at the code first.
Well, it is not like I don't want it to be in code. I want it to be in code but then it has to be c++. I would also be interested in finding some books that were good side quests while reading C++ primer plus. It is quite heavy material. Some kind of practical book on c++ would be great. Do you know any books like what I described?
Can it be a algorithm book in C? :P
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The Pragmatic Programmer.
by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas
Is "The pragmatic programmer" relevant for someone not quite done with learning c++ basics? (just starting out with classes) Fiction book recomendations is also appreciated :)
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I been buying linux magazine and the coding acadamy books, some stuffs a touch too hard at the mooment but it will become relevent in time, they are pretty steep but hopefully just a blue moon thing, but i have learnt so much from them it seems pretty worth it, can i ask what books you read allready so i can read them, i cant absorb boring books at all and your criterea would suit me too.

Wait fiction? have you ever read holes? i love that book, the mystery of the dead dog in the nighttime is great plus its a good insight into the minds of some of our contemporaries here.
you should also be a good atheist and hate books like carlos castenedas books, or lyall watsons gifts of unknown things (beautifully written shaky ass science, he invented the 100th monkey theory) these books stretch the imagination enough to help you creatively at least.
Dice man? herman hess's demian if you are a dark person who likes a dark book.

Thus spake zarathusra and the life of PI are amazing books.

I know a hard hard man who couldn't finish the kite runner for tears blurring his vision.

Then you could learn a Shakespeare or two to get the old brain chugging, if you like soap operas then you will adore Chaucer, get a student addition or a modern addition else you wont be able to decode it that goes triply for paradise lost, you can spend a couple of days understanding a page if you really want to.

But the best book i have ever read ever is a rare book (worth something if you find it) called Fup.

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Thanks for the link but I can't stand reading on a computer. My eyes look at the computer screen enough already! (I use kindle)

have you ever read holes?
Yep, if you mean the book about the camp were the prisoners dig holes? :P Fun book.
be a good atheist and hate books like carlos castenedas

I am neither atheist or have ever heard about his books
the life of PI

I saw it in the cinema, so I guess it is not much point as I already know the ending and all.

DevonRevenge, have you read the enders game. It is awasome, the only reason I don't read the sequals is because they didn't get quite as good reviews and I don't want to ruin my relationship with the story. You should read it if you have not already.

Books like enders game is the kind of books I like(in the fiction section anyway) The game of thrones is also interesting, haven't really gotten into the story yet, but we'll see how it goes. Any suggestions like enders game? Bring it on!
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Is "The pragmatic programmer" relevant for someone not quite done with learning c++ basics?

You use kindle...get the sample and have a read or just go to the website (or both)

how relevant it is is something only you can decide.
<Grey Wolf>
From reading their Who should read this book section, it looks like it is for developers only. Thanks for the suggestion, do you have any favorites when it comes to programming books or books in general?
Thats funny, someone recommended enders game to me just the other day, must be good shud read it then.

theres the thomas covenant books, kinda like lord of the rings with leprosy and rape, maybe ab it too melodramatic though.

you will like chaucer if you liked plot in a game of thrones, dude you would love the green night if you liked a game of thrones too, its almost as old as Beowulf, medieval books are actually better at doing believable heroes than modern ones! oh wait they are written in verse that could get annoying if you dont like Shakespeare, i guess its almost cryptic.

i swear i know the perfect book i just have to remember it.
yeah wonder what kind of books others here like?
Hmm...don't know about favorites. I have lots of books on different areas, I'm currently on a bit of a C and Linux kick, reading

21st Century C: C Tips from the New School
by Ben Klemens

Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets
by Peter van der Linden

Linux System Programming: Talking Directly to the Kernel and C Library
by Robert Love

I haven't read fiction for a while (apart from Terry Pratchett, but even the last ones of those have been The Science of Discworld...) as I like reading things that support my hobbies and interests.
I just started game of thrones, haven't seen a plot yet. It is a bit different from the movies, because it is from the viewpoint of the different main characters.

I found this book on algorithms:
Too bad it has typos in the kindle version, it looked good and not too hard!
Still searching for good books
Too bad it has typos in the kindle version

Typos happen, I wouldn't completely turn away from a book because a review mentions typos in the Kindle version. Are you even getting this for the Kindle?
Are you even getting this for the Kindle?

What do you mean? Getting what? If you mean the book, I am considering it. I am not very experienced with CS or Algorithms, so I want one that has good explaining and is for beginners. Haven't locked in on a book yet.
A Kindle is a tablet-like device that you can store digital versions of books. If you are not buying the Kindle version (aka the digital copy) then don't worry about the reviews for the Kindle version.
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