Wireless Mouse Compatibility

Hey guys,

I lost the usb part to my mouse, but my mom found one that's not the one I bought with this mouse. We live 400 miles apart, so I don't want to ask her to mail it to me if it definitely won't work with my mouse, but I also don't want to buy a new mouse. Does anybody know if there's a possibility it could work??

Don't know if it would work. Though I bought a nice wireless mouse for $15. They aren't that pricey.
I doubt it would work unless it's made by the same manufacturer, and even then, there's a good chance it won't work if it isn't the exact same model (manufacturers like to break compatibility with their own products, let alone other manufacturers).

Since you live so far apart, I would say it wasn't worth it and that you should buy a new one.
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I have to agree, you can buy really cheap wireless mouses for almost the same price it would cost to ship it to you probably. Unless you looking for a high end gaming mouse like a Razor Naga or something.
Just buy a new mouse. My wireless mouse from BestBuy cost me ~15 dollars and it's lasted two years so far. If you go to amazon, I'm sure you could find better for cheaper.
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