Good programming podcasts?

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So everyday at work I tend be to just listening to music or other random stuff while I work. So I figured this might be a good time to listen to lectures on programming or podcasts about programming subject ect. and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

My main interest is in indie game programming and AI programming. So if anyone has any good ones let me know.

Oh and also I would prefer them to be able to stream over a phone since I can't use my works internet for media or I would be getting in trouble lol.
Not sure what would be out there for this. I can't imagine a lecture like that without any visual aid. Would just be hard to get the idea across.
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Well not necessarily I've listen to some programming lectures with just audio and it wasn't to bad. Yes you don't really get the full experience of seeing the actual code and everything but it still interests me. So I just figured maybe there were some lectures or podcasts out there built around programming topics or game design topics.

Not necessarily a step by step learning guide or anything just something talking about techniques, or new technology, ect.
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1 good programming podcast is Programming Throwdown. You said you wanted it on a phone, and it is on iOS podcasts and I believe Android as well. It is free and every episode is about a different programming language. I hope you enjoy this podcast.
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Ya ill look it up thanks cstarter
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