What's your desk?

I'm looking for a new desk to work on. I would like something with more room, where I can have papers and books laying out that I can reference to while I work. Where my desk is now, an L-shaped desk would be perfect but finding one for around 100 USD seems to be a problem. Any desk suggestions?

Also needs room for two 21 in. monitors
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I have a old furniture from a kitchen, I removed its 'foots' and 'doors' and put my PC in there, and my monitor, keyboard, mouse over, made a hole behind for wires, and it's still going good. Maybe not enough space. Didn't cost anything.
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If your working on a $100 budget I doubt you will be able to find a spaceous L-shaped desk. They are actually quite spendy with most being $300-$500 range if not more. You could also consider getting 2 cheaper non L-shaped desks that look the same and turning it into a L-shape. That is currently what I am doing for my setup till I save enough for my new godly leather chair and desk :).

Oh and if you monitors support VESA mounting I would highly suggest saving for a wall mounting unit. It frees up SO much room on your desk and they can be at a much better angle.

Ohh and there is always craigslist where you can probably find a cheap one from a business going out of business or moving.
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A few suggestions from experience:
1. Your keyboard should be at a different level than your monitor. Preferably just above your knees. Basically as if it was resting on your lap. Your knees themselves should bend at about 90° with your feet flat on the floor.
2. When your line of sight is perpendicular to the screen, 50-75% of the screen should be below it. If you have to choose, take a desk that leaves the monitor lower than the ideal, so you can raise it with a phonebook or something.
3. Leg room is important, or you'll end up turning to the side and bending your neck to stretch your legs.
On the subject of books, I find that some shelves and a folding table work pretty well. They're often cheap and only use space when you're using them.
Just a cheap corner desk for desktop and cheap table for laptop.
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My desk is from Ikea. It is a basic adjustable height subframe and a top (2m by 1m). I didn't bother with the draw units so I could have a few systems set-up and just move along the desk to whichever system I want to use.
I built mine. The wood, hardware and paint came to roughly $100 CAD then I got a fancy keyboard tray for it, which was $50.

For the top piece I used MDF (fibreboard) so that it was smoother and easier to create round corners.
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