Learning C#

I'm having a kinda hard time learning C#... I'm decently good with C++, so I get most of the syntax, but I really don't get the standard libraries and how the program is encased in a class... I heard that C# is like C and C++, and it seems like it, but some things really confuse me... I mean, I had no problem whatsoever with learning C++, but with C#, its something foreign to me.
What exactly don't you understand about the .Net framework (standard library) and C# classes?
Just like C++ it starts at main. However; main is a static function inside an object. By default called Program, though it can be renamed. Once you learn how static methods work, that will make more sence.
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Fredbill30 wrote:
I'm having a kinda hard time learning C#...
How are you learning it?
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