Ubuntu Smartphone



Thoughts? I think it looks pretty awesome, and it's slated to release around the time I'm due for an upgrade through Verizon :D

Looks like it'll come with a built in terminal for command line apps. I'm gonna feel like Tony Stark playing around with this thing!
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Have you found out when it comes out? ive been watching it for a while because i really want to dual boot my desire with ubuntu and jelly bean
I heard it's slated for October of this year. I really hope it's not late, cause this looks pretty damn awesome.
Will it run aircrack-ng? :D
I would it can run anything that runs on your desktop Linux. I do think it would be cool to have aircrack and ettercap and what not on it lol
Very interesting.

My upgrade is due in April, though, and I reckon I'll stick with iPhone.

Definitely something I'd look at in the future, though. Nice find.
My current phone (iPhone 4) was the first smartphone I've ever owned, and I'm ready for something new. I have a feeling this Ubuntu phone will win me over.
I'm sort of in a similar situation, Resident.

Had my iPhone 4 for two years now, though I did have several 'droids before that.

I fancy something new, but I'm a little worried that I'll miss the iOS features I use a lot. I'm pretty tempted by the Lumia 920, though.
If it only runs with Android, as in "Ubuntu for Android", I'm stepping out of interest.

I'd expect the just an .iso, and I'll install and set it up for a capable smartphone device myself, and boot and run it from an SD card.

I don't particularly favor Android, so I'd hate the idea of using it while using Ubuntu, when I like Ubuntu better itself.

(Even though they're both Linux under the hood, I like Ubuntu better).
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You can already use Ubuntu on Android smartphones via chroot and VNC. This is different I think.
Yes, I was hoping it's just a disc image and runs independent and solo.

I never liked the idea of VNC.
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I've accidentally done the same thing haha (not this time) but yea I also have that nifty deal where reporting == deleting that post.

On note with the topic,
I'm not sure how exactly they're going to distribute this. It would be cool if they just released an .iso for it and let you load it into your phone, and I'm also not sure what's going to make it different than Android. But, I don't know much about Android other than it's Linux (my only smart phone has been my current iPhone).
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