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So, I'm need of a decent Java IDE. Well, I would prefer an IDE. Anyways, I used to use Eclipse but got real tired of that due to various reasons. So I switched to NetBeans just now, and holy mother of god it warns about everything, even just style type stuff. Like I have warnings for using if statements without braces, even though it's just a single statement. I have a warning for a "manual array copy". The list goes on. Like what the hell? I wrote this, I know what I'm doing, don't warn about crap that doesn't matter. Gah -_-
1. All warnings and autoformatting is configurable through the options and settings
2. Warnings like the manual array copy are very useful - you can even click on the warning and choose to have it fix your code for you
3. Calm down before #1
4. Calm down after #4
Well the manual array copy had to be there. I never really mess around with the options on IDE's as I don't use them much. I just like them to be able to work how I like them out of the box, which may very well be an unreasonable assumptions.
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L B wrote:
4. Calm down after #4

Infinite recursion detected.
IMHO IntelliJ IDEA is the best IDE of all the times.
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