Syntax Highlighting

I don't agree with the post - I have a very hard time interpreting code unless it has syntax highlighting, and it's not distracting unless you're not used to the color scheme and want to change it.
his argument is flawed because he compares natural language reading (English) to code reading (C++). They are two very different things.

Recoloring/highlighting individual words in English text is distracting because people don't focus on individual words, they skim and find recognized patterns and form the bulk of the material mentally.

It's why sectennes lkie tihs one are eslaiy redabale, depstie bieng hrobrily misplpelsed.

The same is not true of code, as you have to focus on and fully understand every nuance and every single character, down to the most discrete punctuation mark. It's an entirely different style that demands a different mindset.

So yeah. That guy is blowing smoke.
I don't know, I kind of agree with him to an extent. But at the same time I like syntax highlighting. I find it easier to find exactly what I'm looking for rather than if it were all black text on a white background.
He is claiming syntax highlighting does not aid in reading code, but you just said you find that it does for you. So how can you agree with him if you fundamentally disagree? Can you elaborate?
"It don't work for English, therefore it don't work for code!"

While reading computer programs is often difficult, the difficulty comes from the intricacies of the program, not from the syntax.

The same arguments could be applied to the "excessive" whitespace/indentation we give code.
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