Who runs this site?

Who are the people behind writing the reference section, checking the articles, writing the documentation section, handling reported replies, etc.?
I don't want to give complaints or feedback. I'm just curious.
Well admin/twikker is, I think the main admin. Anyone may, AFAIK, write an article. Hope that helps.
I know that anyone can write an article. I've written 2 myself. When I click on 'submit' after writing an article, it says "Review pending". Who reviews the articles?
Bjarne Stroustrup.
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I think Kim Kardashian also has a spot on the reviewing committee.
The immortal soul of Dennis Ritchie.
So does it mean that some great people run it collaboratively? Are you people guessing or are you quite sure about the above answers?
They're being facetious.
@eklavya sharma
Who reviews the articles?

Santa Claus?
I truly do not understand everyone's childish remarks. The OP asked a perfectly logical question.
@Script Coder
They are just showing their true colors, trolls in the guise of programmers.
Logical question, indeed. However, I didn't know a logical answer.

Stroustrup is as good as guess as any. ;-)
The link given by naraku9333 showed the name "Jean-Francois Soulie". I remember that he wrote the C++ tutorial. But it's unlikely that one man alone is contributing everything to this site. There are probably more people. But who are they?
No, but one man is approving or denying the contributions. The contributions should say who did it. Though I'm sure a lot of the older ones have long since left.
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