How to disable???

I use my computer a lot and it can be very useful getting work PDFs and stuff up, but unfortunately it keeps distracting me too with unhelpful stuff like YouTube.

How can I disable the distracting part of the computer? Any tips?
Unplug network cable.

That's all I got.
Add all those websites to your hosts file (Google it) so that the OS will not connect to them. Alternatively, get Ad-Block Plus and block all the websites you want to avoid. Then, when you're not working, you can disable ABP and go on them like normal.

That said, the best solution is to develop self-discipline.
chrisname, now that I think about it a very high number of PC problems can be fixed by just developing self-dicipline, but one'd never usually answer if it wasn't so obvious.
Luc Lieber wrote:
Unplug network cable.

Already tried that: I just end up programming useless rubbish or just give up and sleep.
Create a second account on your computer, have one for work and one for recreation, if you feel the urge to YouTube or MyFace then log out of your work account and log back into your recreation account.
Actually, I SpaceBook, but I suppose that still works; thanks for the help!
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