Why would anyone pay for Windows or *gulp* Mac when Linux distros are free and equivalent?

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I never indicated that there should be absolutely no backwards or sideways compatibility - I just think it should be the last thing. Technically anything you design should be independent of everything else but have the potential to interface with everything else.
@LB, are you suggesting that the new system should emulate the old one? In that case,

Scenario C. Engineers build cool stuff, but then have to add a layer of emulation over it which both bloats complexity and hinders efficiency. Application developers feel most comfortable using legacy interfaces and users aren't sure why they should update.

Of course I'm exaggerating. This is probably the best thing to do when A gets really old. Still, my point is that backwards compatibility is the #1 feature of any system where there's anything worth being compatible with. It is among the most important features to decide if anybody will use your system. I know it's annoying, but why would you leave it as an afterthought?
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I just ask you this can you play the latest computer games on your *Nix computer without doing major workarounds that most users don't know how to do?

No you can't, until then *Nix won't be popular. I'm starting to hate how everyone says Mircosoft is just out to get peoples money. WELL DUH it is a company you know, and that is what they do. Try and make money.

With Ubuntu I can power a $65.00 motherboard and do basic computing, with networking, multithreading and tasking capability, use most of my favorite programs (if not all), use the internet, Wi-Fi, Java, develop on it, etc.

That motherboard is a beast usually computers also require RAM, a HD, a PSU, and some sort of disk drive or other device to load content. Where can I get one of those multitasking motherboards ;p

But in all seriousness windows has more money behind it so they have more marketing, so they reach more customers. You have to realize that this is a billion dollar business not just some project made by a few friends. If windows sucked as bad as everyone tries to say they would not have as many customers as they do, even if they spent billions on marketing. So windows is a good OS, you might prefer another OS over it but that is your opinion and other people would disagree.

If people were smarter they'd save the mula, have the exact same possibilities (or better) and be ahead of the game always; no conglomerate will have you on your knees barking for a treat anymore when you know your ropes.

The problem is it doesn't have the same possibilities. *Nix is a great OS I give you that and I use it from time to time, but as of yet it doesn't support gaming very well.

I'd estimate that anywhere between 20-50 percent of people would be lost if I brought up even the subject of hardware, software, and basic computing use.

You said it, and there is your answer to why people don't use *Nix. It just isn't as user friendly and easy to use as windows and mac so users that have little tech experience prefer it.

One thing I will agree with you on is the people spending $2000+ dollars on a mac computer that's hardware is essentially worth $600.
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Because the interface is crappy and no one is used to it.
you know how they keep adding blades on razors and say that this is the closest shave yet despite what they were crowing about the last time? well thats the same for tech, that and people just want what they want and not what they need, that idea we get in our head is always bull
hamsterman wrote:
@LB, are you suggesting that the new system should emulate the old one?
No, I'm saying that as a side effect of how well the new system was designed, it just so happens that it is easy to make it compatible with the old system and other systems.
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Why is your post reported now?
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Its that troll that has been creating multiple new accounts and posting weird topics around the lounge for the last couple of days =/

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@LB, when I say "emulate" I don't mean a full virtual machine. Also, I'm pretty sure that's being done. And I don't know what's your beef anymore - as an afterthought or not, backwards compatibility will introduce all the annoying little things. Also, I forgot to mention the part people are least willing to update - their understanding.

Also, you seem to be thinking about OSes and I'm also considering CPUs. You can't really emulate old hardware on new hardware (in a sane way) and it really shows. Your computer boots up in 16 bit mode. OSes really have it easy.
Having to boot in real mode and do a bunch of stuff just to get to protected mode (or worse, long mode) is not easy, it's horrible. I'd sooner write an OS for a CPU that can boot directly into long mode.
OSes really have it easy.

Sorry about the ambiguity. What I meant was that OSes require much less compatibility. I don't think many will complain if a new OS is not compatible with 10 year old software (and more importantly, emulation is an acceptable option). On the other hand, Intel has been building on top of the same instruction set architecture for some 30 years now.
Right-click any executable or shortcut to an executable in Windows, click Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and look at the options there. There's compatibility options for programs released for all Windows releases since 95 - and DOS if you're on 32-bit (although that is with VDM). I still try to run games from 2001 from time-to-time.

I do take your point, though. Like I was saying, I'd much rather work with a machine with a modern, properly-designed ISA - hence why Raspberry Pi (ARMv7) is so nice to program.
[quote]I feel like backwards compatibility is killing major advancement.
Tell that to Stroustrup.[/quote]

Don't know, Bjarne wants to merge C and C++. In one interview said he would like to see just one do all language, but doesn't think that will ever truly happen.
It is kind of annoying that this forum software doesn't properly support nested quotes.
I hope they invent an os that even my mother can use,understand the errors and find workarounds.

I was thinking of a gui that could explain what was going on in visual metaphors, so beginners could get a feel for why things aren't working sooner
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Lol it really is quite weird that you carry on conversations with yourself.Might want to get that checked out.
C++ .com has lots of money, I've heard of trolls that have 'disappeared' once they became an annoyance!
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