Need a good book on Python

Hello all,

As the title says, I need a book that is decent in explaining Python, yet on there are so very many to choose from... So I was wondering if anyone here had any books they learned Python from, and would recommend one or more. I'd be starting with the latest version of Python that they're up to, I think it's 3, yes?

Preferably, it would be above the comprehension level of "For Dummies" :P and below "Brain meltingly confusing".

If it helps for reference, my current knoweledge of C++ is coming almost entirely from the book "C++ programming - program design including data structures" by D.S. Malik, and I like how the book is layed out.



*Also, please no E-books, I don't have access to the internet a lot, and there's just something that feels better about having a physical copy of the book. However, if you feel that a certain E-book is just so vastly superior to every hard copy out there, and simply cannot be outdone, then list it, and I will consider it.
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Ah, just realized my post thanking you never finalized. So although it's a tad belated now, Thanks!
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