I'm really excited to learn direct x.

I have nearly finished learning the basics of c++ pointers , classes etc.
And i can't wait to start actually making my own games instead on making text games.
I wouldn't start with DirectX. Aside from not being portable, it's overly complicated for beginners.

Instead I highly recommend getting a crossplatform graphic lib like SFML which makes things very easy.


EDIT: Also, I'm of the opinion that SFML is easy enough to start with on day 1. So if you "can't wait", you don't have to.
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If you can get it installed ;p

But ya like Disch said don't start with DirectX move onto that later because it is very complicated for someone new to graphics API's. Also remember it isn't easy to make a game and will take months of hard work to complete a good solid "mini-game". Not saying you can't do it, just saying don't expect to making the next COD or anything in the next month ;p. Just stick with it and learn at your own pace don't go to fast or you will have to relearn everyone again.
Another vote for the SFML camp here.

SFML also makes it really easy to create 3D projects with OpenGL, so there's a natural progression there.
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