Writing my own programming language

Hello, I have been working on this project for some months now and I
want to show it to other people. Basically speaking, it's a programming
language which can be compiled and ran using a virtual machine. Here's a
detailed explanation I wrote in my blog:

So, in last blog post I gave small introduction to my current
project that I am working on. In this blog I want to release the first
version of my current project. You can grab it from here: http://www.pradsprojects.com/despair.html

So, this piece of software that I wrote is a system to write portable
programs. It has its own programming language and the program that are
compiled can be executed using a Virtual Machine. The system isn’t
mature and lot of things are lacking but I hope to develop it further in
the future.

Let me talk a little about how this system works. You write a program
using its programming language (here’s the documentation of programming
language: http://www.pradsprojects.com/despairLanguageDocumentation/index.html)
then compile it using compiler tool that I have written. The compiler
generates a file with ‘.dbin’ extension which can be executed using the
Virtual Machine.

I have created a small IDE for developing program for this system
which you can download it from the project site (the one that I gave you
on the top). IDE consist of editor to write and manage source code
(which is fairly basic at the moment, no syntax highlighting for the
moment sorry), a compiler to compile the source code and a virtual
machine to run the compiled file.

Alternately, if you don’t want to create programs for the system but
want to run program created by others, you’re going to have to download
the VM from the project site. There are two types of VM for Windows OS:
interpreter version and JIT version (Dynamic Recompiler). The JIT
version is faster than interpreter version though I am still not very
happy with the JIT performance, I think it can be improved more. I will
port the JIT version to Linux later.

I want to create the Virtual Machine for various different platforms
like android, iOS, MacOS etc so that the program written using
despairLanguage can be run in different platforms. Currently the VM
works in Windows and Linux.

P.S: The software is open source and is on github. Links are on the project site.

So, I just wanted you guys to look at it and play around with it. Some feedbacks (good or bad) is highly appreciated.

That's a cool project. The 1516 line switch statement was a little bit ridiculous, though.
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