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How do you make a program that opens up, works, but then doesn't show the cmd?

Pretty long title huh?
What IDE are you using? I know in CodeBlocks you can change the build type from "console application" to "GUI application" to prevent the console from being created.
If you have Visual Studio try using WinMain instead of main
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I have the latest version of CodeBlocks, how do I make GUI app?
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choose win32 gui project (frame based) then follow a tutorial
Cool, I get a gray box when I run it....How do I do stuff with it?
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depends. what do you want to do?
Um, what function do you modify?
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its not that. its do you want to make a game? a file manager? a text editor? it matters
Can you show me an example program though, i'm not experienced with windows and stuff like that.
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ok just tell me this. what product do you want to make with win32 programming
Something like drag and drop stuff, such as battleship
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you might want to do sfml. i mean i know you could do it with pdcurses and win32, but i think sfml would be easier
Oh cool
lots more research to do...
Wait, It still does show the cmd, the black box, and this time it has a grey box...

What I meant was like to have a program run, but after you press a button, the invisible program stops
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i think it will always show the cmd in code::blocks, because thats how code::blocks runs it, but in the actual app it wont
Oh ok
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