Ancient aliens

I think it is very probable.

In the billions of galaxies, there bound to be other life forms. The idea that we are alone in the universe is like saying the earth is flat. Though some things cannot be proven until the technology enables us to, it is just plain common sense.
It can be. But the journal where it was published doesn't look serious: doesn't have reviewing. So, the paper may be good or may have flaws.
I'm sure there are aliens out there somewhere, but are there really fossilised aliens embedded in a meteorite that landed on earth? I'm not so sure about that. Look at the Wikipedia article:

I really hope it does turn out to be aliens. It'd be amazing. It'd certainly make up for the "actually wait, no, neutrinos can't travel faster than light, sorry" and "the thing we found on Mars that everyone thought was going to be life was actually nothing" situations we've had recently. But it's something so extraordinary that my spidey-senses can't help but go off. I mean, it'd be the discovery of the century. SETI would certainly see some more funding. I just can't help but feel very, very sceptical about it.
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Its very probable there is other life forms out there, though like chris I am very skeptical of the meteorite.

I will say one thing though, if aliens do ever come to earth we are doomed.
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@Zereo: What makes you think us humans are doomed when extraterrestrial life hits our planet? Who's to say they'd be more technologically advanced than us? Who's to say they will be hostile towards us? And who's to say they are not here to discover other planets just like us humans?

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Just my way of thinking, if extraterrestrial life comes to our planet while we don't even have the technology to send humans to other planets then they would be far more advanced then us. And from looking at history usually when a new place is discovered by a more advanced civilization it doesn't end good for the indigenous people. Like the american Indians for example.

Just my opinion and your right they could come for other reasons.
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"Microfossils" is a bit of a stress from "Ancient Aliens" as they are popularly referred to as, don't you think?
fossils in an asteroid would be fossils of alien life. Fossils are ancient. Ancient aliens.
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If they manage to reach us, then they must be waaaaaaay more technologically advanced than us. Aside from unmanned craft, we've never got further than our own moon. Also, the universe existed for over 13 billion years before humanity came into being (we've existed for a paltry 200,000 years for comparison) so it's logical that there are civilisations out there that have existed for millions, if not billions, of years (if that is actually possible), too, and unless they progress very slowly - I think it was Carl Sagan who pointed out that a thousand years to us could be mere seconds to an alien whose brain works more slowly than ours, and vice versa - they would necessarily be far more technologically advanced than we are. Although the optimist in me hopes that aliens would be peaceful and that they'd share their technology with us, part of me agrees with the belief that they would see us in much the same way we see ants. I don't think they'd bother killing us though. It'd be like that scene in Watchmen at the end where Dr. Manhattan says "The world's smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite". I hope that wouldn't be the case, but being ignored would beat being annihilated. Assimilation into a vast, intergalactic empire would be cool too, as long as it wasn't a suicidal one like the Covenant. Whatever happens, Earth will always have more excellent water slides than any other planet we communicate with.

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It was a joke, a play on the title of the Ancient Aliens show on the History Channel. Also what Cheraphy said. Fossilised aliens => ancient aliens.
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