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Thinking of making a programming language.

What do you guys think? I'm thinking of making a programming language and then making a batch IDE. This might take weeks, 2 months tops.

Reply below.
Making a language is no easy task. Best case scenario it's a slight extension of the language you base it off of unless you spend years on it.

I'm a bit confused by the order of events here, though. Do you intend to write a language in order to write an IDE? That almost seems counterintuitive :P
I don't know if you meant it that way, of if they are two separate, unrelated ideas.

As for making a batch IDE, I say, power to you. Go for it. That's something I think would be pretty interesting to see and/or watch unfold.
Yeah, I know. The only thing tricky is making the file so you can run it, but I got it. If you have any name for the language, feel free to post it.
I got defineDev.
The IDE name will be defineDevelopment.
That would be an awesome name.
"Hey what language do you use mostly?"
"I use programming."
"Yeah, I know, but what language?"
XD! I actually fell on the floor!
Ah dangit. I just realized the batch IDE is impossible. I can only make a batch IDE for batch files.
But if you wanna see the IDE, http://www.mediafire.com/?zurzowak50qgows
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Link is broken.
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@Program: if your doing it on windows, http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/129965/The-Whole-Shebang-Building-your-own-general-purpos this is what ive been using,=. idk if its the best thing out there, but this has helped me make the best attempt so far

My freshman year of college they used a very simplified language built off of Java that was engineered for artists. It was called Processing... a working title for it was Programming.
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