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I want to learn computer science on my own But not sure what books i need?I was thinking of get a C++ job down the road and not sure you have to take a test and what question they would ask on data structure?If anyone can help me out that be a big help:)

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I wouldn't approach an employer unless you have a solid programming and/or CS foundation. The only advice I can give you is begin to learn how to program, starting with the basics then build yourself up. Try to avoid complexities (such as how a CPU executes an instruction or how the compiler does X) until you have a good foundation to support you.

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I know it sucks that i don't have money for a collage class.So your saying it be harder to get a computer programming job?I hope i understand you right.What you mean by a good foundation to support me?
Wrox have good books for many programming language.
You also have the Books Bjarne wrote himself

Honestly, pick up as many programming books as you can in the language you pick and make sure their publication date are recent. You don't want to learn old obsolete stuff.

Also spend the time to do a lot of research. You have to make up for the lack of teacher and the things they don't talk about in books. Which means, read up about everything you can on site like Wikipedia, Code Project, Stack Overflow, Dream in Code, etc.

Also learn complex math and physics. Its not a necessity, however it will broaden the amount of things you will be able to program in the long run.

Also be patient, it wont take you just 2 weeks or 3 months or even a year. More like a few years. Most companies have no need of someone that can code a few basic loops. They can have their receptionist do that.

Once your no longer a beginner, start building a portfolio. Learning on your own works fine. I have a couple of my close friends that have gotten in that industry doing so. However you will need proof of your skills, to balance out the lack of a degree.

I really start to get into c++ and data structure alot.What can i use to proof my skills without a degree.Like make a web page of my skills?I was hopeing this was not going to be a newbie question post:)
Have a website with some stuff you've made and take part of some open source projects. Like I said above, do a lot of research; that includes looking up at other programmers websites and there are many guides online on how to create one.
I know what you mean now:)

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