PDF open --> print dialog

I made a little page about quick divisibility rules (to easily determine whether a number is divisible by, say seven, or nine), and it is supposed to be printable as a little bookmark card kind of thing.

I want to have two links on the right side:

-- download PDF - which simply links to the PDF version of the page

-- print PDF - which is the same as the last but this PDF needs to automatically open the user's print dialog when viewed.

I cannot afford to purchase much in the way of PDF tools... and it is driving me bonkers trying to figure out how to insert a "print(this);" action into the generated PDF.

I've been playing around with QPDF and PDFtk, but I'm really stymied how to simply add a text stream with the one-line javascript/actionscript/whatever it's called to open the print.

(I'm also wondering if it is possible to automatically configure for duplex print -- since that is the way the card makes sense -- for those users that have printers that can do that.)

[I'll put up a link to the page once I actually put it online.]

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