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So I just got into the beta for Koding which is a online IDE for a huge amount of languages. I haven't messed around with it very much yet but it seems to be 10 times better then any online IDE I have used so far and seems to support C++ and C# pretty well (Except for the crappy syntax highlighting it has). All and all it looks fairly great for a beta product.

Anyways was wondering if anyone else has tried it out before and what they think of it?
Haha, I tried to access it here at school, but our internet is through a proxy so I get an error that it can't connect to the backend.
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Its quite amazing really got your own VM and a real terminal with bash to work with and run your code in :).

I also got 3 invites I can give out if anyone wants one. I'm not sure if they are invites to the beta or not (They are kind of vague on what they do by saying
Your friend will receive an Email from Koding that includes a unique invite link so they can register for the Koding Public Beta.
), but if anyone wants one just send me a pm with your email to send it to.
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I am very interested in this! If you could send me one Zereo, that'd be awesome.
Been playing around with it for a while now and it looks really promissing.

One thing though; can't even get their code snippets for a "Hello world"-koding application... x) just shows a blank page, and no button to press :C

If anyone is interested; I have 3 invites as well. (send a pm with mail)
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how long did it take for the people to get back to you?
DTSCode: Who?
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whats the average time between submitting a request for an invitation and the koding people giving it to u?
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He said it was instant beta access also so you should be able to get in right away after the invite.

@splux you need to use the terminal to compile the code. Navigate to the folder your .cpp file is in and then do g++ main.cpp -o main.

Where main is change it to whatever your file is. Once the file is compiled run the command ./main which again where main is is the name of you file. It works exactly like if you are compiling from a command line on your own computer.

Let me know if you need more help and I can walk you through it.

Also got 2 invites left just PM your email address to me and I will send you one.

Here is some pics to help show this.

http://i48.tinypic.com/hwx3js.jpg - C++ Coding Pic

http://i45.tinypic.com/35hlcu9.jpg - Shows how I compiled and ran using the terminal they provide.

I have been reading up more about it and it seems you can add libraries to it also and use the libraries something ever other online IDE is lacking.
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Zereo: Oh yea, I know that.

I meant a koding app, if you right click on "Applications" and choose "Make a new app" or something like that. For me, not even the Hello world app works.

(and for the C++ part, new and delete operators doesn't have syntax coloring x) thought I misspelled it first time I wrote it :P)

[edit: seems to be working today; tried again and copy'n'pasted their hello world - and this time it worked, but not yesterday o.o]

DTSCode: Like he said, if you get an invite from someone who's in - you get an instant access invite.
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