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I need to use JSON library for a java program, anyone know how to install it on intellij?

I have to learn JSON from scratch,
my friend wants me to build him a work monitor and although i would rather use sockets, he wants to use JSON to manage the data, I think I can build the program I just dont know how to use import JSON.whateve.* in order to start using it.

I don't even know if i have it I don't know how it works! maybe I just don't know where to start :P

Incidently I dont know what function prints the screen.

Any way, as for searching up how to use the JSON library, I suspect I don't know what to type into google in order to get some bucky type character to explain it to me like I was a big kid who didn't really know anything (cos thats what every one says I am)

god the internets slow, you would think there was some great big cyber-war on or something
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If you know what to do with that json.jar file I would be even more greatful than I already am...I feel over my head right at the beginning like your supposed to I guess
tk fr your patience naruku, perfect call each time, these were the only problems I could articulate though, im on my own for the rest of the way now, barring all the tutorials other people wrote, I have to find why I cant make the class its in public now
why wont the compiler find parts of the library like 'assertEquals' its not all there this is weird :(
Did you add junit to the build path and import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
No I didnt, what is junit? it cannot find it. How can I find these specific things out for myself? thanks for knowing these things for me :)

You would think the tutorials would mention that.
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I am using JSON simple now, its more me answers in the name :/
How can I find these specific things out for myself?
thanks for knowing these things for me :)
Actually I didn't, I haven't done anything in java in over a year and have never used junit.

Edit: To get the assertEquals to work with eclipse (I've never used InteliJ) I needed to add the library package (Java Development Tools in eclipse) with the package manager. Then add it to the build path and import the libs.

Try this http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/configuring-testing-libraries.html
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i type all the wrong things into google, I never knew that I needed junit, I wish it was all easier
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