Article on using code tags

I have written a detailed article on using code tags.
It is still in the draft status.

New users - please read it.

Old users - You no longer have to write the instructions yourself. Just paste this link. (unless you think the article is badly written).

Please reply if you can suggest a correction or addition to this article.
We'll have to wait until it's published. That link only works for you (and probably the administrator).

I'll use this opportunity to suggest that when starting a thread in any forums other than Lounge and Jobs, a code section looking like [code]// your code here[/code] should appear by default in all first posts.
It is not yet published, but I took PrntScrs and concatenated them.

Edit: The above link no longer works.
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The article is now published:
Good work, I'll link to it whenever it's needed.

That said, I wish your article wasn't needed, and I believe it would take the admin very little work to make it so. (Please do not take offense, I appreciate the effort and time you put into it.)
I knew that this article already existed. I made my own because it is more detailed and specifically for code tags. It also has images. In fact, I have provided a link to this article in my own article for those who want to know details.
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