Free Custom Servers?

Is there any websites offering free Custom Server hosting, even under subdomain?
It's for development purposes, I'm developing a custom server but I cannot keep it up 24/7, and even if I did, it will slow my network down a lot.
Not sure about free, but you can get cheap. GoDaddy is pretty cheap for the first year (I think it increases a bit after that). So that might be an option. I've considered it myself. I know someone who uses GoDaddy professionally for dozens of websites and clients and has had no issues with it.
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How long do you need the server for? also what would you be running on it? Reason I'm asking is that I got a hosting service through godaddy that I currently won't be using for at least a few months and would be willing to grant you access to it for as long as I don't need it. Send me a pm if your interested with the requirements you need and what you will be doing and I will let you know if I can help.
@Zereo, The longer it lasts, the better.
It will be running a simple Windows .exe who will send clients some data, and will also use some storage memory to save users data/accounts...

But sincerely I don't feel like borrowing someone else's money.
Nothing against your offer, but I won't be accepting it :D

@ResidentBiscuit, It's the "cheap" part that locks me. I cannot really get any money on any internet service like Paypal or such, as I'm not yet 18, and my parents won't really be happy anyways, especially because paying this server doesn't give me back any money in any way.

I've heard GoDaddy another time here on anyways, as this is a direct answer to my questions, I think it will be what I will be using once I can make some money.
If you need to run a windows executable on the server then you are going to need a windows server, which you cannot get it for free (windows requires a license to be paid unlike linux).

Even if you do find a windows hosting company, then most likely running executables is disabled for security reasons.

So you either compile your application on linux or use something like php, perl or python and use a free linux hosting company, there are many around there, though few of them allow running external programs on the server for free hosting plan.
So I guess my dream is gone :<

Whatever, thanks for your informations...
But if Zereo is paying for his server anyway, someone may as well use it.
If Zereo acconsents, I will change the topic name to something that could help him finding an user.
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