Beginner vs. General

How are people supposed to decide whether they should post in beginner or general? Any criteria for this?
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Generally, low-level C++ questions go in 'Beginner' (e.g. "Why doesn't this output?") and high-level questions go in general (e.g. "What's the best algorithm to use here?").

Really, though, just use your own judgement. The beginner section is usually overrun with malformed questions, and the general section is generally overrun with people who don't know what they actually want.

Curiosities go in the Lounge even if they are C++ (e.g. "How does this obfuscated program calculate PI?"). If your question is related to an OS and not just general C++, then it goes in one of either the Windows or Linux forums (e.g. "How can I make a tray icon?" "Why do my pthreads not work?").
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I already know that. How to decide if question is low level? Usually it's easy for beginners but sometimes I found it hard to decide when I was a beginner.
If you don't know what the problem is, post it in beginners.
If you know what the problem is but not what the solution is, post it in general.
If you know what the problem is and what the solution is, post it as an article. (post it in the lounge first for feedback)
(post it in the lounge first for feedback)

... or an imposing wall of silence, in the shadows of which you wait...
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Lol hey now catfish I gave your article 5 stars and actually found it really informative.
Im am going to wait till i graduate till im confident enough to post and answer in general, I can help out with beginners every now and again though, it has to be someone who had the same problem as me before, I think it should stay like that till I migrate to general naturally.

EDIT: you guys are good when your drammy Maybe we could get a drammy consiquences style drammy story thread rolling XD
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