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hey urgent question about my code problem(not C/C++)

Most of are not going to read through your assembly without even a hint as to what's wrong with it.
It suddenly stopped working, didn't you read his post? Obviously we all know exactly why code would just suddenly stop working for no reason.
Boy is my report finger itchy.

Seriously, this is your first post, in the C++ Lounge? Asking us to repair/test your bootloader?

How about a change of pace? Go troll here instead:
Insert your 'hello world' text display call at each step in your code. This will point you to where the code is crashing.
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Believe it is a spooner thread since he/she tends to play at knowing assembly. I liked what catfish said in another thread instead of anyone replying just report him/her.
I tried that once and it was spooner but every one thought I was picking on someone :(
I tried that once and it was spooner but every one thought I was picking on someone :(

If you had "tried it" nobody would have known you did, thus nobody would've thought you were picking on anyone. On the other hand, making accusations, as you've done in the past, is just not constructive.
@devon that incident you are referring to actually wasn't spoonlicker, just someone else who happened to misunderstand what you meant by spoonlicker.
no i got a youtube video and a message along with posts that prove that that was spoonlicker all along
And you didn't share this with us because...? As far as we know you attacked an innocent trans-sexual.
an innocent trans-sexual

Heh, heh. That sounds so awkward.
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I think that pretty much settles it lol.
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