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I was running my Win98 (Yes, fixed the keyboard error :P.) when I found this floppy disk. I put it in and looked at what was inside of it. Then I took it out and put it away. A week later, I wanted to put something on my Win98, and since I did not want to waste my non-rewritable CD's, I put my floppy disk in my other computer (Win2000) to add the files. An error came up that the floppy disk was not formatted and that I had to format the drive. It was okay for me because the files on it were really old and of no importance to me. So I clicked "Okay"... A good minute later (full of whirring noises and ticking noises), it gave me an error that the floppy drive was "write-protected". Thinking this is an error, I put it back in my Win98 and got the same thing (whirring noises and ticking noises and that I had to format my drive and that it was "write-protected").

I then looked up how to write to a "write-protected" floppy disk and they said to cover up the hole, but it already was!!! So I uncovered the hole to test it and put it back in Win2000 and in 2 seconds it said it was "write-protected" and when I covered the hole, in a minute same thing. I'm not sure what happened or what is going on...

This floppy drive worked before, then it stopped working. I can't even read it... It's like it's "read-and-write-protected".

Any suggestions? (And buying a new floppy disk is not an option.)
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Copy the files by hand to honor the pioneers of computing?
L B wrote:
Copy the files by hand to honor the pioneers of computing?

Haha. The problem is, I cannot even READ the files!
You can't read the files you're trying to put on the floppy disk? Well there's your problem.

In all seriousness, I think maybe you could do some sort of serial connection at best :\
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Oh, I think you are mistaken. I have no use for the files as homework (or in academics/jobs/...), I am trying to get USB drivers and WG111T drivers on it so I can connect to the Internet and use it as a normal desktop, not some useless 5GB hard drive waste of space...
Okay fine, I used up a CD. New problem: I need to get my system upgraded due to CRYPT32.DLL being to awesome... Gosh, is this Win98 really that old?
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You know what, I feel like donating it... I thought technology was supposed to make life easier.

Edit: I should also donate my Win2000, it caused all of this.
Edit2: Hell, I should donate my WinXP... I am all set with my Win7 anyway.
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Technology may be meant to make life easier in some cases, but when it comes to Windows and the time period of bad programming it was made during...
Well, I'm going to put this project to rest until summer.
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