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Any one woke up in an exit less room and been forced to solve puzzles for freedom?

I have it was AMAZING :D dont start to near to bed time you wont want to sleep http://neutralxe.net/esc/vision_play.html

that was sooo fun.

Im going to build one of these for my friend, rhopnol him and drag him there so he can have fun escaping
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Seems just like MYST
Argh! I can't find the triangle... Must... Continue...

edit: Oh there it is.
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I'm stuck, but addicted :)
LB, those games have nothing on the puzzles in this, this game is more 'us'
Fez was way more fun. If you guys like this game you'll love Fez.

@Disch is it free?
no, it's like $10 for XBox.
What platform was it released on?
Lol what does Fez have to do with this game?
Its is a puzzle game I guess.
EDIT: and we all enjoy puzzles
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Yeah Fez is another puzzle game.
I've seen a lot of playthroughs of the game and I would have never thought to call anything in it a puzzle o_o
Beating Fez isn't puzzling... you can go through it minimally and just get the obvious cubes.

But if you want to play the game right... there's TONS of puzzles. There's an alphabet and numerical system to decipher. The in-game clues are cryptic and not so obvious (until you figure them out... then it's like "oh yeah!").

It's the first game I've played in years that I actually had to bust out a pen and paper to take notes to figure it out. It's crazy.

On top of that the game itself is creepy/surreal/trippy. The game is a total mind warp.
Riven was a touch harder than myst and the puzzles were deep and original, They make games a bit too easy these days dont they
I just played Sphere (Vision's older brother). Like Vision it is awesome.
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