OK. Can anyone make up for MY misunderstanding?

OK. I am going to feel SOOOO stupid for asking this because I have seen this combination of symbols being used in class for both calculus and my computer science coarse. It just showed up on wikipedia and now I can't seem to find out what this symbol means...: " := "

I'm hoping to god someone knows. Any help is great. (btw, I am trying to implement the logic behind heap sort for an assignment for my class, from my book and I'm under the assumption that they expect me to know this symbol by now. I'm almost done but I completely forgot what this symbol means. :/ I feel like an idiot now...
I think it means assignment.
Wikipedia says it means equal by definition to.

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The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

It's assingment in Pascal.
OK. I feel a bit better now. :/ Still really stupid, but better...

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