IDE for remote development?

Something I can connect to my VPS with. I generally don't use IDEs (coming from wedev) and I'm generally at odds with the amount of setup, since I bounce around between different places and computers.

I tried Bvyrd, but it just doesn't seem to let me have a remote project. I'm starting over everytime I go back to my Bvrd project.

I'm fine with compiling and running from the command line. I'm currently using notepad++

Thank you!
use github with eclipse, netbeans, or something else that google gives you
I'm not too sure what you mean, but can you not just SSH into your server and develop that way? If your server has any sort of graphical environment, you could install an IDE on the server, then when you ssh into it just add the -X flag. Then you can run the IDE remotely.

Or just SSH and use vi/vim/nano/pico/etc.

Could also set up a git repo on the server, and then clone it onto whatever machines you develop on. Just do any dev work you want, then push the changes to the server. Whenever you switch machines, just pull the changes from the server and then do work.
Do you have a GUI on the remote box? If so, just connect over X. You'll need to worry about enabling remote connections safely though.
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